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Student Support Create, manage and distribute adequate funds to support poor and needy engineering students all over Pakistan.
Internships Form a group of multinational and large engineering companies who can offer internships to fresh engineering graduates on regular basis.
Post Graduate Study Raise funds for establishing a centre of excellence for the post graduate study in all disciplines of engineering.
Job Opportunity Create and identify job opportunities for the job-less engineers. This task can be achieved by developing a web page on the web site of The Engineers, where job vacancies can be posted. A group of willing on-job engineers in Pakistan and in overseas can be formed who can regularly post the job vacancies which come in their knowledge.
Business Opportunity Similar to job opportunities, same policy shall be adopted to create and identify business opportunities for the Pakistani engineering organizations. “The Engineers” shall form a body, comprising representatives of engineering organizations from private sector, who shall prepare an action plan that would enhance the capacity of Pakistani Consulting and Construction companies to secure mega turn-key contracts in the domestic and international markets. This action plan shall be submitted to Govt. of Pakistan for implementation.
Foreign Intrusion A high level committee shall be formed, comprising representatives of private engineering organizations, who shall devise an action plan on priority basis, which would ensure that bye laws of Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) regarding Foreign Consultants and Contractors are implemented in letter and spirit.
Public-Private Partnership Business Ventures based on public and private joint ventures shall be identified, promoted and developed.
Think Tanks Think Tanks shall be formed, comprising engineers who are experienced and possess state of art in various trades. These Think Tanks shall advise the Govt. of Pakistan and private sector to formulate policies and plans that would put Pakistan on the path of rapid development. Top priority would be given to resolve the problems in the energy sector and railways.
Interaction To provide a platform where Engineers and Organizations of different disciplines can meet and interact on technical and professional matters.
Engineers Recognition The efforts and role of the engineers shall be recognized and appreciated by awarding medal/shield to those engineers who achieve unique accomplishments in the field of engineering.